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A handbill is defined as an advertisement or announcement that is usually distributed by hand. When used for networking, it effectively advertises how you will benefit a prospective employer. Similarly, the handbill announces what type of position(s) you are looking for, and what companies you are targeting. While the resume’s primary focus is on past/present accomplishments, the handbill succinctly combines your career achievements with your future endeavors.

In addition to resumes and business cards, more and more networking events are requiring attendees to bring handbills to distribute. As a networking tool, your handbill should include the following:

  1. What do you bring to the table (competencies, skills, experience)
  2. Where you have been (past employment, including educational background)
  3. What is your goal (a list of 15-20 target companies)

Included in your one-page handbill should also be a list of target positions.

When considering the usefulness of the handbill, it is important to remember that when they are being distributed, it helps the person receiving it to connect you to someone in their network. That is, it would be easier for an individual you met at a networking event to connect you to someone she/he knows working at one of your target companies, than if you merely passed them a copy of your resume.

Desperate times call for proactive, unconventional measures! Fill your cache with the necessary tools that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Donnell Turner




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