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Give Your Employment Candidacy a Competitive Edge: Create a Personal Brand

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The similarity that exists between “guerrilla marketing” and “guerrilla warfare” is that both concepts rely upon unconventional methods for success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in July 2012 there were 12.8 million people unemployed, which equates to 4 people competing for the same position. With the unemployment rate continuing to hover at 8.1 percent, unconventional methods are being conducted to get an employers attention.

Stories abound of job seekers who resorted to less-than-traditional tactics while trying to get noticed. Some of these measures include:

  • Delivering a pizza to an employer with a resume attached
  • Sending a case of beer to an employer for St. Patrick’s day, along with their resume
  • Sending a shoe to an employer with a resume inserted, signaling that the job seeker wanted to get his “foot in the door”

Although these approaches are extreme but, let’s face it: drastic times call for drastic measures! The job market is highly competitive and requires an energetic, proactive approach.

One innovative method to increase your marketability and give your candidacy a competitive edge is to create your own personal brand. Proactive job seekers can employ the same unconventional marketing strategy used by multibillion dollar corporations which have etched their taglines indelibly into our minds. For example: “Got milk?” “Don’t leave home without it.” “Have it your way.” “Just do it.”

Creating a personal brand is the unconventional method of generating an emotional response in another individual that is associated with the qualities, characteristics, and/or values of that particular brand (you).

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Select your target audience/group, and focus on your niche/expertise within that specific area
  2. Develop an indelible word or phrase and build your brand around it

Maintaining your personal brand will require a tireless, deliberate effort that takes time. However, this will effectively lead to a distinct, recognizable image among employers and clients.

Donnell Turner,
Director, Career Development Center



  1. Creating your personal brand is not that easy but still we should learn to do it.This is for ourselves to be more competitive.

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