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Summer Vacation: Rest, Relaxation, and Reaching Your Goals

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Moments that Matter

pencilsFor students, summertime usually means taking a break from classes, tests, and studying. For some it may include lounging by the pool every day. But as appealing as that sounds, it’s important for you to keep your mind active and focused on your future. Working toward your goals during the summer will help you stand out among your peers for job interviews. And not only is it worthwhile for your professional career, but you also can grow personally from these experiences. But how can you continue to grow? You can get a job or internship, take a few summer courses, study abroad, or volunteer in an organization.


The greatest value of an internship is the experience you gain from networking with professionals. Some people may become mentors, and the internship could eventually lead to a full-time position with the company after you graduate. Other experiences may build your character…

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